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Glue app screenshot showing the side bar.
Glue app screenshot showing chat window.

Slacked out?
Try Glue.

A better way to chat at work
without the noise and channel fatigue.
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End channel fatigue
with groups and threads

Chats happen in threads addressed to just the people and groups relevant to the conversation.

People are organized into groups to easily keep everyone in the loop - whether they're inside or outside of your organization.

Consolidate fragmented conversations

The glue app screenshot
Threads let you pull in the people and groups you need, keeping the conversation in one place.

Reply to any message in a new thread to keep the conversation from going off-topic

Keep up,
without the noise

One inbox across all of your groups and workspaces gives you a single place to check.
Subscribe to just the groups and threads that are important to you, reducing noisy notifications.